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All the adventurers in Black Desert have limits on inventory and weight. It is very important to know how to take good care of the items. The storage in Black Desert serves the basic function of keeping your items stored, as well as being a place to receive the items gathered and crafted by workers.

The town storages in Black Desert are separated for each town. To check which towns have storage, you need to click on their icons in the World Map. Those with storage will show the items stored there. Your storage is shared across all characters from your family, and has a transport function to move goods between town storages. If you click it the storage window where you can store the items in the town will be activated.

Storage expansion is a necessity. Any item except bound items can be deposited into the storage, and these spaces have no weight limit. Silver is also deposited into the storage, and from there it can be used to purchase from vendors and sent it to the Central Market. If you open the storage and left click the silver coin icon from your inventory, a window to decide how much money to be transferred pops up.

On the other hand, when taking out silver coins from the storage, left click the silver coin icon in the storage window. What if you kept a lot of items in the storage of territory A, and you want to move to territory B all of a sudden? Just thinking about it might give you a headache. That's why the storage item transport system exists. Then a new window, menu and item slots for choosing destination and transport status open.

For destination, the list will show all possible destinations. After selecting the destination and transport method wagon, trade shipright click the item from the storage.

If the nodes are all connected between the relevant towns to the destination town the transport fee is cheap, but if not, the transport fee is tripled. Then all you have to do is wait. A freight wagon or a trade ship that is constantly on the move on a fixed route will pass by the town of origin, take the items and carry them to the town of destination. After you moved to the destination, meet the Storage Keeper NPC there and check the transport status.

If the item already arrived, you can find it in transport status right away. You might have received gold ingots from quests or events. You'll see that some quests will ask gold ingots from you.

That's where the currency exchange comes into play. Both buying and selling is available. In the case of a town with storage, you can buy and sell items in the town with the silver coins stored there. The item list that the relevant NPC have will appear.

The Central Market has a storage system of its own, and the town storage is one of the two ways in which you can deposit items to the warehouse. If you click the Warehouse icon in the storage window, the storage window and Central Market warehouse window will appear side by side. This way you can freely move items and money between both storage systems. This window will also let you move items not only from your current town storage, but also the inventory and pearl inventory windows.In BDO, alchemy is a highly useful life skill that can earn you a lot of silver if done correctly.

It can also ensure access to the best-boosting elixirs. To be able to do alchemy, you first need to get yourself a residence and buy or make an alchemy utensil. You also need to know what materials are required to make some concoctions since, unlike other games, your character does not learn recipes.

You need to do that yourself. In this BDO alchemy guide, I will show you how to get a residence, how to get an alchemy utensil, where to find recipes, show you an example of alchemy, and finally, how to minimize the time needed for each alchemy batch. The only way to do alchemy is by using an alchemy utensil inside your residence.

There are residences all over Black Desert, so just choose one that is in a place that suits you. To get a residence is easy. Just open up the map, go into the town where you want to get a residence, and start clicking on the house icons. The contribution point cost ranges from a single contribution point to a few points depending on the size of the residence.

In the image below you see the location of a residence in Velia you can get for a single contribution point. So pick one where you spend most of your time in BDO. I use it because it is right next to the Calpheon storage and close to the central market NPC. After you have invested in a residence you need to buy or make an alchemy utensil. There are a few different alchemy utensils in the game which give different bonuses or penalties.

The basic utensil has no bonuses and durability points. The Balenos Traditional Alchemy Utensil has durability points, but the production time for each batch is increased by 5 seconds. Of these two, the Balenos utensil is better used for long AFK alchemy. The other more advanced utensils are listed below, showing both their durability and the alchemy time adjustment. When you have acquired an alchemy utensil you need to place it inside your residence.

To do so you need to press the P button while inside your residence to access the placement mode. Then just select the alchemy utensil from the tab at the bottom of the screen and place it in your house wherever you wish. If you are having a hard time finding alchemy utensils on the central market you might need to start making them yourself. To do so you need to get access to a level 3 or level 4 tools workshop and upgrade it to its highest level. Level 3 workshops can make intermediate alchemy utensils and level 4 workshops are needed to make the advanced alchemy utensils.

There are level 3 tool workshops in most cities but level 4 workshops can be found in Valencia and Duvencrune. You will also need a worker to make the utensils and the required materials that you can see in the crafting screen from the workshop. Note that the materials need to be located in the storage of the town where the worker is located which you are using to make the utensils.

When you have gotten a residence and placed an alchemy utensil there you are ready to start making your first alchemical concoction. To do so you need to activate the alchemy utensil by pressing R while standing next to it.

bdo duvencrune 5

This opens the screen you see below. This is important, only place the amount needed for a single batch.I want to thank Morrolan for making an excellent video guide, which helped when creating this guide.

Black Desert Best Worker Node Guide 2020

If you would prefer to watch a guide instead of reading, make sure you check out this video:. For hiring workers, the first thing you should do is fill up empty character slots that you have on your account. Since each of these characters has their energy pool but they will regenerate passively, even when the characters are not online.

You can then use these energy pools every few days to hire more workers there are five tiers of workers that you may encounter when you talk to the worker supervisor NPC.

Promote Workers of all types until you progressed beyond needing them and of course, hire yellow and orange workers of all types whenever you get the chance.

Promotions are more likely to succeed on a higher level but leveling all the way to thirty usually takes too long a good balance is to level a worker to Then do the promotions back to back.

You can repeat the task by clicking the repeat task button. To start a promotion test you can click the two arrows pointing up, the number displayed is the promotion tests you have left for that worker. Use the recover all to recover all your workers with beer.

Then you usually want to click the repeat all button after you have recovered the workers, so you repeat all the actions that they have previously done. Sometimes it could be worth it to check you worker Exchange here if you can find workers that are low-level they are very cheap so these are really good deal workers that are maxed out at level 30 can be a bit more expensive. Now, in the long run, the Artisan human is by default going to be the best worker on most nodes, however, Artisan Goblins tend to be better on nodes with distance or more.

So if you click on a node without sending a worker there and you could check the workload and distance over here if you want to learn more about what these stats mean then I recommend checking a more advanced guide.

You want to know kind of the ins and outs fit your playstyle and your schedule and plan accordingly. For the rest of the guide, we are going to take a town by town look at which nodes are a high medium and low priority. Instead of trying to max out a particular town all at once you should focus on getting the high-priority nodes across every town as soon as you.

Then once you get into like a to CP range you can come I got all those you can use your remaining points usually for people in the to range to take the low priority nodes. Just use them as a general guideline and unless otherwise stated you can always just sell the materials to get from these nodes.Drieghanalso known as the land of dragons, [1] is a mountainous landlocked territory.

It borders Serendia to the north, Mediah to the northeast, the Snowlands [2] to the southeast, O'dyllita [3] to the southwest, Kamasylvia to the west and Calpheon to the northwest. In Drieghan, the land of dragons, a long time ago a tribe fought a dragon and, legend says, soaked in its blood. The tribe that drew the blood of the dragon suffered consequences. Their skin cracked like stone and they grew in size. That tribe were the Sherekhan. The first settlement of Drieghan was situated to the east where various small tribes combined to become one under the elected rule of the one called Akumone of the Sherekhan.

But the glory of the tribe was short lived. The land where they settled suffered a terrible drought, and on the dry land everyone died for a drop of water. When the last warriors of the Sherekan were to die, a historian wrote that the spilled blood of the dragon turned into a disaster, and the history of the Sherekan people was expected to be completed in just one verse.

The last survivor of the Sherekhan that battled the dragon, Akum, planted the dragon's tooth to the ground and said, " Bless this land where I buried the tooth with rain. Thanks to the dragon's curse invoked by their ancestors the younger generations, who didn't inherit the cracked skin nor power the Sherekhan had, began a long wandering life. In the end the wandering people decided to plant the tooth where the body of Akum had been laid to rest.

bdo duvencrune 5

Finally, raindrops fell from the sky. Forty years of drought ended and rain sprung up in the dried gorge. That was the birth of Duvencrunea land of waterfalls and lakes where the dragon's teeth had fallen asleep. The descendants of the Sherekhantired of their long wandering life, found relief in that land. But something had changed them in those forty years.

They had become smaller and weaker. The disaster they had faced wasn't just the drought. They were the descendants of Sherekhan who had mighty bodies and power greater than what a giant wields, but in the later years their bodies became smaller and weaker.In Black Desert Onlinemore space in your storage means more wealth. In my year or so of playing, I've had to sacrifice and sell a lot of things that I'd love to have kept just to maximize on storage space efficiency.

Being a hoarder is not something that's entirely possible in this MMO. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase your storage limits. The most common and simple way is by using Contribution Points to invest in housing in the city whose respective storage you're trying to increase.

Housing that provides storage will increase the maximum amount of storage slots by an associated CP cost. However, the cost-to-space ratio isn't universal. That means that you're going to have to do some comparison shopping when you look for the most optimal storage. I've done that for you, and in this guide I'll show you the best values for storage in BDO. But if you're looking for the best values for housing, we have check out our guide to the most efficient lodging locations in Black Desert Online as well.

Velia is scarce when it comes to housing, and house is definitely the best value for storage here. However, you have to consider that this house is also a very good buy for lodging giving 2 space for 1 CP. All of the houses on block 1 are actually quite efficient for storagewith and both giving 3 space for 1 CP.

Houses, and also give 3 space for 1 CP. All of the aforementioned houses have no prerequisites, which is a big plus. The most efficient cumulative storage is right outside of Velia at Toscani Farm. There, houses and combine for 3. The best storage housing package in Velia is to grab these three.

bdo duvencrune 5

This will give you a total of 25 space for 7 CP, which is over 3. Heidel is most players' home city, and for good reason considering the amount of valuable storage space you can find here.

I recommend picking up every house on block 4 except This is some of the most efficient storage in the game. This is the first cluster of storage on block 4. Something to note here is that you don't have to buy The real prize here isand the prerequisite to it is However, I recommend you scoop up Skipping out onmove into the cluster of houses on for you an even better value of 4 space per CP for a total of 8. Houses U, and Be advised that Jul Posted by Riott.

If you often leave your character on while AFK fishing then you definitely need to try out this location. There is a little pond just outside of Duvencrune. If you are going to be AFK fishing, you might as well get some contribution experience from it too.

Right around the corner from this pond, is a trader, blacksmith, storage and central market. You can sell your fish, repair your rod and put your money in storage.

This location is never super crowded and nothing troll-ish happens there. In a few hours, I usually catch close to two million worth in silver. I will also get ancient relic crystal shards with a minimum of 1 but I have got as many as 12 before. You can repair it and use it over and over. The float helps catch better more expensive fish.

The fishing outfit gives me experience to level up in fishing. I do not want to lose the black stones or break the item.

bdo duvencrune 5

Sometimes, it just cost more to upgrade an item then to simply buy it off marketplace. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a comment. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

Alchemy Guide – Black Desert Online [BDO].

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Lakiaro is a gatherable plant or herb that spawns all around Dreighan and Kamasylvia regions. They may be easier to find in Dreighan, especially around the mountains. Lakiaro is a mini game that starts upon harvest.

Black Desert Online OST - Desert 1

Materials uses for enhancing Manos Hoe is the same as boss weapon but beware that it will always gives 1 failstack even at PRI or TET from fail enhancement and it may have a lower success rate compared to a boss weapon. The goal of the mini game is to uncover all the dirts while avoiding damaging any roots in the process. In order to obtain max reward, not a single root is to be damaged.

Upon damaged, rewards are significantly decreased. The player has deeply digs and shallowly digs, deeply digs are infinite but shallowly digs are limited depend on your hoe enhancement level. Deeply digs are always used for uncovering tiles and shallowly dig are used for checking the single tile that it is clicked on.

A shallowly dig will be consumed upon right click and will always uncover a root if chosen tile has one covered, if not then it will simply do nothing and you may safely use a deeply dig afterward, a pebble will also not be uncovered using a shallowly dig.

A 14 x 14 mini game is much harder than a 12 x 12 simply because the roots are less predictable. This will always makes the Lakiaro starting roots taking 2 tiles long from starting point. A TRI manos hoe will always attempt to uncover 7 tiles from top left to button right in a 3 x 3 square around the click with a chance of all 8 or 9 tiles being attempted too.

Here it revealed 7 tiles in a 3 x 3 square with 2 on the bottom right being covered, there is no way to know if these 2 tiles are empty or containing any roots due to the limit of a TRI manos hoe, therefore not very good information are provided. There are several other results can be obtained from a TRI manos hoe dig such as:. The red dot are marked for screenshots, it is not a tool provided by the game. The red dots indicates that there are either a pebble or a root under the tiles.

The red dots are marked there because a deeply dig uncovers the tiles from top left to bottom right and a TRI manos hoe attempts at least 7, so the skipped tiles are because there are something underneath them.

It is preferred to have digs like these as they provide us more information. There are more tricky uncovering digs that a TRI manos hoe user must understand. The two pictures below have one dot at the bottom left and not the right ones, this is because a TRI manos hoe only uncover first 7 tiles so the bottom right are left unknown. However there are cases where 8th and 9th tile can be known by a TRI manos hoe digs, such as:.

Duvencrune 5

The bottom middle or bottom right is marked this time because it only uncovered 6 tiles due to at least 2 obstacles around the first 7 tiles it tried to uncovered.

In the case where the manos hoe failed to uncover 7 tiles from top left to bottom rightit will attempt to uncover a 7th tiles again in the next tile.

This also apply when manos hoe failed to uncover more than 5 tiles from first 7 tiles and result in both last 2 tiles being attempted to be uncovered. First of all it has 3 more shallowly dig than a TRI manos hoe, therefore, you will be saving a tons of time by being able to digs more flexibly.

TET manos hoe also uncover an extra tiles from the 3 x 3 square. It is still from top left to bottom right but the information it can gives is largely different because there is only 1 result that can provide an unknown tile after a deep dig.

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