Daisy 880 hunting

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Pump the gun three times for indoor target practice or up to dream of neighbors death times to achieve maximum velocity for outdoor shooting and pest control. Action: multi-pump pneumatic. Safety: crossbolt trigger block. Overall length: Barrel: rifled steel.

daisy 880 hunting

Shooting distance: yards. Reciever: engineering Resin with dovetail mount for scope. The Rifle from Daisy features classic looks with a woodgrained, Monte Carlo stock, forearm, and grip as well as a rifled steel barrel. The 0. With velocities of feet per second using BBs and feet per second using pellets, it is no wonder that this is one of Daisy's most popular rifles. Specifications: Caliber: 0. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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Daisy 880 - Review and Pellet Test - Airgun Evolution

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daisy 880 hunting

Gabi Garcia. Phil Pierce.The first in the line being the Daisy From through the Daisy was a smooth bore long gun. During that time the Daisy was the rifled version.

daisy 880 hunting

After the Daisy is rifled, including the current ones. The Daisy is a very well designed Air Rifle. Being a Multi Pump it can be pumped from 1 to 12 times, more is possible though in some cases can cause problems.

This is quite enough for most small game hunting, overkill for some. There are reasons to want more power, such as longer shots, a little more forgiveness on shot placement, etc.

The is quite capable of shooting very accurately, more accurately than I out to 50 yards for sure. So it is easy to hit your target when hunting, so long as you practice enough and become a good enough shot. There are modifications that can be done to the Daisy to improve accuracy, trigger pull, and power.

Crosman 2100 vs Daisy 880

I will not be discussing these today, though the potential of this rifle is amazing. The Daisy is a Daisy with a different exterior. It is made of a resin instead of a plastic. The pump arm on the is a bit shorter than that of a Daisyso it is a little stiffer to pump than the The comes with one of the accuracy modifications as standard, that is the shimming of the barrel.

The Daisy was produced from through The Daisy is nothing more than a Daisy with globe front sight and micrometer peep rear sight. The is a very precise shooter, especially for a multi pump. Some people even state that it is as precise of a shooter as there Daisy Avanti orthat is saying a lot. This shows the potential accuracy of the series Air Rifles, and it does not take much to bring this accuracy out of even the newest models.

You are commenting using your WordPress.My HW95 is heavy to me and I feel like this is a hindrance to my shooting fun. I have a single pump pneumatic Avanti and and like them, but thought a little more speed would be nice. It shoots RWS Superdomes and pointed pellets very well and I usually just plink at 50 yards with 6 or 8 pumps. The only thing I have done to my is take the barrel sleeve off and wrapped some tape around the muzzle and put the sleeve back on.

That did seem to have a positive impact on accuracy. I can easily pump the 10 times but the Crosman gets harder with each pump so I really have to begin fighting it on pump number 6. So, my point is that if you are considering a low cost multi pump that you can shoot all afternoon, the may be the one you want.

I bought both of these guns a few years ago. My son was getting old enough to shoot by himself and I also wanted to compare both of these popular pumpers. I came to the same conclusion, the is the better overall package.

Not what I expected, but I still own the and the is gone. The first gun of any kind that I shot was a Daisy in the mid s. That was not new then; it had a metal receiver and everything was well-finished. I wish I had that gun, still. I had a Pumpmaster in the later 80s, and my brother had a PowerMaster.

As you said, the Crosmans get harder to pump as you go. Today, the s have plastic receivers, which tend to crack over time from pumping stresses. I think the stil has a metal receiver, which is worth something. Very accurate and a neat, simple 5-shot clip design.

Awesome plinker though! Same accuracy at close range too.While not the most powerful, and not the most accurate, they are among the best pumpers. They can hold a dime sized group at 20 meters, they can break through a 1 and a half pine board consistently at 20 meters, they will pass the gallon jug of water behind the bottom of a steel soup can test consistently.

In Daisy introduced there first high power adult air rifle, called the Daisy The first version was smooth bore, though that did not last long before it became rifled. Since its introduction the Daisy has been proving itself as a good hunting air rifle. At the time of its introduction the Daisy was a magnum air rifle. Still is, though now it is at the lower end of the magnum power scale, do to the useless rifles that can do super sonic.

Daisy Powerline 880 Review – Lowest Price Here

The Daisy is a 9FPE air rifle with the correct pellets. That is pretty powerful for a. The pump linkage and leaver is designed to minimize pumping effort, to an extreme point, while still compressing a lot of air. The air chamber is as close to ideal in size as is possible, and shaped so that it funnels into the transfer port thus making the air flow as smooth as possible when firing the rifle.

The exhaust poppet seal is lifted away from the transfer port from the opposite side of the air chamber, and is well balanced in how the pressure acts on it. The transfer port leads into the barrel at an angle toward the direction of fire, thus minimizing the effect of corners on air flow. And the hammer pulls the exhaust poppet completely open and keeps it there until the gun is cocked again.

The power plant is about as well designed as is possible. The only improvements are reversing the law suite inspired limiter slot and flat spring.

Other than that the only thing that could be done to improve things is to have a higher volume pump. Now there are other things that can improve the power, though they are the kinds of things that would increase the retail price of the rifle, thus making them best left to the after-market airgun modifiers airgun smiths.

Through the years Daisy has produced premium versions of the Daisythat are all still exactly the same as the Daisy inside, just better stocks, receivers, sights, barrel stabilization, etc. These models all have 9 as the first digit of there model number. The current premium version is the Daisy Welcome, Guest.

Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Read times. Missed two squirrels this morning. Cut an inch off my gun, re crowned it, and now it's a tack driver at 20 yards with polymags! Based of of ballistic trajectory my gun shoots them around FPS, or 7. I rarely get any squirrels while sitting patiently in the woods, but they are guaranteed to get into the bird feeder.

This little nutter may have laughed at me this morning, but now he's cooling off in my freezer An interesting note, the pellet went in one ear and out the other, and when I was skinning him his head popped clean off!

And after the time it took to skin him and investigate the loose head screws, it amazed me that his heart was still beating! Surprisingly this is the exit wound, looks like the entrance. The entrance wound. Vitals, however, just wanted to keep on going 4th photo. The poor gunner. That's odd, looks like a headshot but it clipped the neck too How many pumps on that shot? I've given up on pumper since pick up pcp ensures a kill everytime.

AirForce Talon SS. Quote from: venxxxxx on May 23,AM. Shooter Posts: 71 yes Real Name: Ryan. Real Name: Gil.If yes, then you came to the right place. This Daisy Powerline review is your silver bullet into making the right decision.

You know what, this rifle is ranking in the top five air rifles on the market. Lightweight, a mixture of engineering resin and plastic, above-board muzzle power, and good looks are the set of package you are getting in this gun. You are also getting a shooting range of yards, which is a generous gesture for a gun in this tier of quality.

The scopes and the comfortable feeling of this rifle in your hands will make sure you are not missing any of your targets. In other words, this is one of the most popular youth guns you can get your kid who is turning into a teen. You will not be disappointed, and I promise you will get the value of your money. Most of the cheap air rifle on the market will have a shiny look.

But they will lack in quality and features. Well, this Powerline rifle will surprise you with effective options and quality structure. If you are interested in this air rifle you can learn more about advanced features in this review section. See on Amazon! As I always say, the devil is in the details. I never buy anything without going over the features, and ascertaining how each one of them will benefit me or will be a hindrance. For your heads up, here are the features you should expect from this rifle.

I will be candid and objective with each feature. My objective is to guide you to making an informed decision before you can splash any cash to make the purchase. It is a bolt action air rifle. Besides, it has multiple numbers of pneumatic pumps which give you an extra benefit. The pneumatic pumps provide easy velocity and power adjustment.The Daisy Powerline is a multi-pump bolt action pellet gun with a maximum pellet velocity of fps with lead pellets and fps with BBs. The Powerline is composed of both plastic and metal components.

The barrel is steel with a resin shroud and is fully rifled. It is a very handy pellet gun overall length is It is also a lot of fun. Here is where I bought this Daisy Powerline … buy it at Amazon. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted a Powerline The Powerline weighs a little over 3 lbs and is made mostly of plastic. For target practice 3 — 5 pumps are great and for hunting 10 pumps produces the maximum velocity.

So I used an app on my Android phone to measure the noise level at various power levels. Just remember that I am measuring the noise level very close to the gun. Your neighbors will be much farther away and noise levels will be a small fraction of this measurement. The Daisy Powerline pellet gun features a plastic receiver with metal internal parts and bolt.

The plastic receiver is finished in a non-glare metal like bluing finish. It looks very much like metal. The bolt handle is plastic and pulls straight back to load BBs or pellets. The trigger guard and pump handle are also plastic.

The Daisy Powerline has a simulated wood Monte Carlo stock with white line spacers. It is very attractive and shoulders very nicely even though the LOP is much less than a real rifle.

This Monte Carlo stock works well with open sights and a scope. I have used both with great success. The plastic stock is very durable and water-proof.

It will last a long time if you are careful with it. If you drop it off of a cliff, it will break. Just be smart. The finish on the receiver is a flat black and is great when shooting outside in direct sunlight.

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