Helios 29

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helios 29

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Not only can you pinpont the position of the sun, the moon and now stars the way you can in Helios, we've also added Augmented Reality and light simulation magic into the alchemal mix. Now you can visualize exactly what shots will look like at any location, at any time of the year or day. You can see precicely how light will illuminate and the shadows will fall. For city photographers we download OpenStreetMap building data and render a 3d reconstruction of the buildings and streets.

You can therefore see exactly how the light will strike the buildings throught the day. The new milky way section gives you three different ways of visualizing the stars at any location. It also includes a unique night-shoot planner designed to let night photographers plan Milky Way photography.

Fixed a bug that causes crashes nearer the poles. Sorry about that Norway. I appreciate they seem to be doing all they can with every hardware release. Hopefully they keep pushing it forward. However I still continue to find sunseeker to be more accurate without user calibration. I find Sun seekers results to be much more reliable. Mtfield Sorry to read of your Helios headache.

Retractable Key Chain - 29 Inch Cable & Belt Clip (HELIOS: CAM-80105)

Please send an email to toby chemicalwedding. Kind regards. The light pollution map is also very handy. Clint Many thanks for your note. Might you have time to talk? Please email me at simon. Kind regards Simon. With Helios Pro, I was able to time our shoot down to the minute, and plan for the positioning of all our subjects, bounces, and cameras with a scientific degree of accuracy.

Needless to say, the lighting in every shot came out perfect, just as planned. Side note: the customer service is amazing. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad.Helios-A and Helios-B also known as Helios 1 and Helios 2 are a pair of probes that were launched into heliocentric orbit to study solar processes. Helios-B was sent into orbit 13 months after the launch of Helios-A. The Helios space probes completed their primary missions by the early s but continued to send data up to The probes are no longer functional yet remain in their elliptical orbits around the Sun.

The two Helios probes look very similar. Their scientific payloads have a mass of The central bodies are sixteen-sided prisms 1. Most of the equipment and instrumentation is mounted in this central body. The exceptions are the masts and antennae used during experiments and small telescopes that measure the zodiacal light and which emerge from the central body. Two conical solar panels extend above and below the central body, giving the assembly the appearance of a diabolo or spool of thread.

At launch, each probe was 2. Once in orbit, telecommunications antennae unfolded on top of the probes and increased the heights to 4. Electrical power is provided by solar cells attached to the two truncated cones.

The batteries were only used during launch. The biggest technical challenge faced by the designers was the heat that the probe was subject to when close to the Sun. The solar cellsand the central compartment of instruments, had to be maintained at much lower temperatures.

These restrictions required the rejection of 96 percent of the heat received from the Sun. The conical shape of the solar panels is one of the measures that was taken to reduce the flow of heat.

By tilting the solar panels with respect to sunlight arriving perpendicularly to the axis of the probe, a greater proportion of the solar radiation is reflected. Furthermore, "second surface mirrors" specially developed by NASA cover the entire central body and 50 percent of the solar generators.

These are made of fused quartz, with a silver film on the inner face, which is itself covered with a dielectric material.Helios 2 was the second spacecraft launched to investigate solar processes as part of a cooperative project between the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States in which the former provided the spacecraft and the latter the launch vehicle.

Although similar to Helios 1, the second spacecraft had improved systems designed to help it survive longer.

helios 29

Like its twin, the spacecraft was put into heliocentric orbit; all communications with the spacecraft were directed from the German Space Operation Center near Munich. In contrast to Helios 1, Helios 2, flew about 1. As a result, the spacecraft was exposed to 10 percent more heat 68 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 degrees Celsius more than its predecessor.

The spacecraft provided important information on solar plasma, the solar wind, cosmic rays, and cosmic dust, and also performed magnetic field and electrical field experiments. Ground controllers shut down the spacecraft Jan.

Siddiqi, Asif A. Helios spacecraft before launch. Results Helios 2 was the second spacecraft launched to investigate solar processes as part of a cooperative project between the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States in which the former provided the spacecraft and the latter the launch vehicle.

Source Siddiqi, Asif A. NASA has selected a new mission to study how the Sun generates and releases giant space weather storms into planetary space. Natural views can inspire. Here are some ways to enjoy the beauty of the worlds in our solar system.

The Grace of the Worlds: Beautiful Planets. Fun — and even educational — NASA activities to do at home. In an effort to bring its vast distances down to Earth, we've shrunk the solar system to the size of a football field. How Big Is the Solar System? Mission engineers confirmed at about p. PST p. EST Thursday the spacecraft was placed in safe mode, ceasing all science operations. The next full Moon will be just after midnight on Thursday morning, Dec.

The next full Moon will be on Tuesday morning, Nov. The discovery of a dizzying variety of planets and planetary systems is prompting a wholesale re-evaluation of what it takes for a planet to be habitable. The forecast for the next solar cycle says it will be the weakest of the last years. NASA has established an independent Planetary Protection Review Board to review established guidelines for planetary protection and recommend any updates that are required.

Auroras at Jupiter's poles are heating the planet's atmosphere to a greater depth than previously thought — a rapid response to the solar wind. Jupiter's Atmosphere Heats up under Solar Wind.

People's Voice voting is underway.The personification of the Sunhe was portrayed as driving a four-horse chariot across the sky on a daily basis.

Helios was married to Perse, but he had quite a few extramarital affairs, and a number of children; these include the CharitesPhaethonCirceAeetesPasiphaeHeliadaeand Heliades.

At a later time, Helios was conflated with Apollo ; to the Romans, he was known as Sol. Bright rays beam dazzlingly from him, and his bright locks streaming from the temples of his head gracefully enclose his far-seen face: a rich, fine-spun garment glows upon his body and flutters in the wind: and stallions carry him. Helios was married to Perse, but just like many other male gods, he had quite a few well-known affairs, most famously with ClymeneRhodeand Leucothoe.

According to most accounts, Helios was married to the Oceanid Perse or Perseis with whom he had at least four children: Aeetes and Persesboth kings of Colchis at different times; Pasiphaethe wife of Minos and the mother of the Minotaur ; and Circethe powerful enchantress of Aeaea. Possibly the most famous mistress of Helios was the Oceanid Clymenewith whom he had three or, some say, five daughters known collectively as the Heliadesand a son by the name of Phaethon.

Once, after being granted permission by Helios to borrow his chariot for a day, the inexperienced Phaethon sped it out of control and had to be killed with a thunderbolt by Zeuslest he should set fire to the entire earth. Rhode was the nymph of the island of Rhodes, which Helios claimed as his own even before it had been created, being the first one to see it rising magnificently from the sea. Soon after, the Sun God lay with Rhodewho bore him seven sons, the Heliadaeand a daughter, Electryone.

The Heliadae surpassed all men in both strength and learning especially, astrology and, soon enough, they came to rule Rhodes, whose three chief cities Ialysos, Cameiros, and Lindos are named after some of their sons to this very day. Journeying through the sky from sunrise to sunset on a daily basis, Helios could see and hear everything happening during most of the day; naturally, sometimes, this meant that he was able to notice things others would rather keep as topmost secrets. Such was the case when he spotted the affair of Aphrodite with Aresthe disclosing of which led to the humiliation of both deities.

Aphrodite decided to take revenge, so she made Helios who was, at the time, happily consorting Clytie fall madly in love with Leucothoe, the daughter of the Persian king Orchamus and Eurynome. Wanting Helios all for herself and being unable to bear the pain of his newest affair, Clytie spread around the story of someone secretly defiling Leucothoe until it reached the ears of Orchamus. The king would listen to no excuses: he buried her daughter alive in the cold earth as soon as he found her.

Helios uncovered her promptly and tried resuscitating her with the warmth of his rays, but it was too little too late: Leucothoe was dead forevermore. As Helios stopped paying her any attention, she started wasting away in sorrow, sitting all alone away from her sister Nymphs and turning her face into the direction of the Sun God constantly in hope for a single glance.

Eventually, she passed away, and her body was transformed into the heliotrope, whose flowers follow the sun throughout the whole day. Helios did not play a major part in Greek mythology, as he was eventually replaced by Apollo.

However, he does appear as an extra in the myths of other gods and mortals. Helios is the one who tells Demeter that her daughter Persephone has been abducted by Hades.

helios 29

He is also the one who restores the eyesight of Orion the Giant. After his granddaughter Medea murders her children, he lends her his chariot so that she can escape from Corinth. He also lends his golden bowl to Heracles to help the hero cross the river of Ocean and fetch the cattle of Geryon.If anything you purchase from us proves unsatisfactory, we will either replace the item or refund the purchase price.

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