Mt 09 dash settings

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Living with the Yamaha FZ-09, a great bike with a few nasty tendencies

How it works: 1. JavaScript Disabled. If you continue, you consent to all cookies on RevZilla. Read More X. Fitment Universal Fit parts can be installed on various motorcycles and may require modification. Exact Fit parts are designed specifically for your bike.A lot of words come to mind when someone mentions the Yamaha MT powerful, sporty, agile, and aggressive are a few of them.

Yamaha finally brought its U. When I covered the updated version, there was some question as to whether the range would live up to its potential.

The twin-headlight arrangement makes for an agreeable visage with an understated housing that seems a lot more organic, and a lot less Transformerish, than the original. Blackout treatment starts bright and early with achromatic touches at both ends of the forks and the tripleclamps that hold them.

It continues up onto the mirrors before moving aft to encompass the frame beams and asymmetrical swingarm. Ergos are pleasant; the taller, flatter seat and handlebar pullback leave plenty of room to straighten up or lean into it, and the shoulders at the top of the fuel tank provide a convenient place to hang a knee. The seat itself rides at Though it could be cleaner. The model saw some cosmetic improvements that proved popular with the masses, and the factory wisely left well-enough alone with a direct carryover that fans of the line will instantly recognize.

The bones set the tone with a cast-aluminum frame that delivers cornering performance while keeping the weight relatively low. Wheelbase length measures out at You know who you are. Dual, mm front discs and radial-mount, four-pot calipers slow the front wheel with a mm disc and single-piston anchor at the other end.

mt 09 dash settings

Both ends sport adjustable spring preload and rebound-damping features. The front end adds to the delightfulness with adjustable compression as well so you can tune in for conditions and preference.

On paper, the 78 mm bore and Dual over-head cams time the valvetrain with four valves per cylinder to help ensure low-resistance aspiration and efficient waste-gas evacuation. An The ride-by-wire throttle helps reconcile the difference between demand and capability for seamless transitions while the D-Mode provides three separate profiles for different throttle responses. A switchable traction control provides the last layer of protection with two levels of intervention and an Off setting if you want to go full-real.

A slip-and-assist clutch reduces the effort at the lever with backtorque protection and another layer of safety. Another strong point in favor of the MT is price. Lookswise, the two start out with similar headlight housings leading the way, but as your eye moves towards the rear no giggety the differences become plain.

Modification Ligne Origine MT09

On a personal note, Kawi loses major points with the subframe-mount mudguard; what can I say, I love what a hugger can do for a rear end. Kawi makes up for it a bit with its cc, four-cylinder engine that cranks out horsepower and The bad news is; the Z weighs in at Sufficient, but with no real advantage to Kawi. Plus, what changed? Seriously though, the MT has proven itself in the year since its update, and it should continue to do well no matter what you call it. A rose by any other name, blahdey-blah.

The FZ was so much fun to ride after the refresh for it was just a giggle-fest with every twist of the throttle. Read more Yamaha news. All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners. No infringement is intended. Image Source: yamahamotorsports.

The taller, flatter seat and handlebar pullback leave plenty of room to straighten up or lean into it, and the shoulders at the top of the fuel tank provide a convenient place to hang a knee. Flicks and reversals benefit from the light weight, but it's the steering geometry makes the MT eager in the corners, yet stable enough to not be too squirrely on the straights.RevZilla will match any advertised price on new merchandise available through another authorized U.

Our goal is to provide the best possible shopping experience to every enthusiast who visits RevZilla. You'll also hear about special offers and events! How it works:. Sign in or create an account to earn ZillaCash on your next purchase with us. Redeem your ZillaCash Rewards on a future order with us! See our customer service page for more details. The Yamaha FZ is one of the most exciting bikes released in the past year. I've been living with one for about six months now, and here's what I've come up with.

Saying this bike has incredible bang-for-your-buck value in no way means that the FZ is either a budget motorcycle or boring in any way. The FZ doesn't look cheap. Nice touches include the three-part LED tail light.

mt 09 dash settings

Yamaha photo. The FZ was designed basically from scratch, from the ground up, save for a few things like the blinkers and grips. The cc triple features tons of ingenuity, like uneven-length intake funnels to help broaden the torque curve and injectors bolted directly to the cylinder head to fire exactly where needed to improve throttle feel and keep the engine more compact.

The FZ dash is all digital. As I sat in the airport waiting for my flight home from the launch, a colleague called and asked me how the ride went. This bike had created a ton of buzz when it was announced, and everyone was curious to see how it stacked up. This thing is so close. Someone just has to get it sorted. After the initial launch, all of us journo-types had the same response.

The fueling is extremely hard to modulate, especially in the transition from closed to open throttle, but also just in general. The suspension is way too soft and gets unsorted incredibly easy, and the front end dives to almost comical lengths under any sort of braking. The front brake has decent strength, but feels really squishy. The suspension and brake components all look like things are going to be great, but the reality on the road is less than perfect.

Photo by Sean MacDonald.Over the last six months our Yamaha MTSP test bike has been subjected to everything from mile days, to commuting to fast-group trackdays. The A9 out of Inverness, fast, flowing and magical.

The dying embers of a mid-summer sun cast foot MTshaped shadows over shimmering lochs. I was tired and emotional. Bike was fine. Below 80mph wind blast is more than acceptable for a naked, above that it is, quite literally, a pain. I cracked the front nose-cone panel when my drill bit picked up on the plastic while fitting the official Yamaha screen to alleviate the above neck pain.

Sheer joy. Its Kayaba front forks. The CP3 engine is obviously a masterpiece, too. Charging down the B, flicking from side to side and revelling in its alacrity and response. You feel engaged and invigorated, but never stray past mph.

It can do almost everything — its only real weak point is big trackday lean, not a problem for road riders. But this can be fixed by removing the hero blobs, or fitting the optional Yamaha rearsets.

2019 Yamaha MT-09

Nothing, the build quality and finish is very good — far better than a KTM Duke, for example. The suspension as standard settings are awful — and far too hard for road riding. What did you think of your bike at the beginning of summer? I was intrigued to see if after 15 years of continual sportsbike ownership an MT SP was satisfying enough for an experienced, performance-minded rider.

In my opinion, for everything aside from very fast track riding, bikes like the SP make more sense to own than a sportsbike. Incidentally, petrol prices have gone up from The MT has used no oil at all over that time and the brake pads still have life in them despite miles and three trackdays. Its previous service was at miles, where the oil and filter was changed during the running-in process.

Prices are from mcncompare. Compared to something like a new cc sportsbike, the MT09 SP's running costs are low. Set against that, MT SP is one of the best-value new bikes around — and it can turn its hand to anything. Japanese manufacturers are notorious for driving very hard bargains when it comes to OE rubber while at the same time having very specific requirements for things like longevity and stability. Simply, they let down a brilliant bike. Slow to warm up, they offer very little in the way of feel and unnerve you in the wet.

However, in the dry on an abrasive road surface they offer enough grip and I found their inherent harshness was reduced if I lowered rear tyre pressure to 36psi.This is a seriously good bike at a seriously great price.

We already knew the MT platform had shades of greatness. The chassis, now the fork settings have been tweaked, is without criticism. The Tracer now adds to that with decent range and comfort, excellent all-round ability and impressive spec and sheen — without hurting that value at all. It was because of this that it became a leading contender for Bike of the Year.

As a result, the chassis just gets on with it. The ride is stable and plush enough; the steering sharper and lighter than most and even when pushing pretty hard through the snaking switchbacks and swervery in the mountains above Marbella, the suspension and brakes were never found wanting.

In other words, if you wanna behave like a pillock, the Tracer will wheelie until the cows come home — it retains all the fun and zest of the base MT You can switch between all on the move with the throttle is closed. From rpm the exhaust note changes, churning into that distinctive three cylinder wail that addicts and excites. Boy, I love triples. Insurance group: 14 of 17 — compare motorcycle insurance quotes now.

A new, stylish fairing and adjustable screen gives the MT weather protection to match most up to cc and a wholly new, adjustable saddle and rear sub frame to match, transforms it into a genuine two-up machine. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below.

I love this bike. Yes I found the same old problems that most experience; uncomfortable seat - replaced with a Sargent, Badly set-up suspension - softened the rebound, poor wind protaction - fitted MRA screen. Now the bike is awsome; light, agile, fast and loads of fun all day long and a great tourer. So don't be put off by reports regarding comfort and poor suspension as they are an easy fix. I would have given it 5 out of 5 if it was perfect straight from the factory.

Great value for a middle weight tourer, and much more fun that the larger tourers. Rattled developed after 18 months. The best feature is the engine and the worst is the screen. I fitted an aftermarket screen which is much better. Overall it is a great all rounder at a great price. The motorcycle appears good at a glance but it is not good upon closer inspection. The parts rust very quickly even when pampered. The brakes literally locked on my brand new Tracer a month into owning it.From dirt to street, and everything in between, Yamaha has plenty of awesome motorcycles to choose from on the showroom floor.

Starting with the heartbeat of this naked sports bike, the liquid-cooled cc CP3 Inline Three is one of the most fun, friendly, and versatile engine configurations on the road. From the moment you press the starter button, to when the kickstand drops, it should be criminal how fun this Triple is to wield on the road. Torque, and lots of it, is the trademark feature of this powerplant. Crack the throttle and zip past anyone next to you.

Mode 2 is the more intrusive setting—ideal for rain riding, while Mode 1 is more apt for sport riding on your favorite twisties. It can also be disabled, if you so choose, via a few pushes of the switchgear button as long as the motorcycle is stopped. Inherent to original model.

Best of all, you can select between three maps for desired motor response. We prefer the B setting which neutralizes the throttle slightly.

Those that need more instantaneous power will likely prefer the standard setting STD or the even sportier A mode. Is it just me, or is it funny that he prefers STD? A simple yet effective all-digital dash is front and center and is loaded with all the information needed to make for a fun and mindful ride. Gear shifts between each of the six cogs are both smooth and seamless feeling. As an added plus, the design reduces clutch lever pull and associated clutch hand fatigue.

The riding position has been tweaked slightly too, with a longer seat giving the passenger a scant more room.

Specifications of Yamaha MT 09

The lip at the front of the seat is also tapered up to keep the rider more firmly positioned in the saddle. The aluminum handlebar carries over and we love its forward, lead with the fist stance that manages to be both sporty and comfortable.

Rev up the engine and let that valve Triple sing. What we did notice is the vastly improved action of the KYB-sourced fork.

mt 09 dash settings

Yet there is no penalty in terms of agility, with the FZ initiating turns with minimal bar input. Although the engine size classifies it as a plus-sized middleweight, it feels anything but on the road, carving arches with the kind of nimbleness of its Parallel-Twin powered FZ brother. Another plus is that compression damping adjustability was added complementing the existing rebound and spring preload adjustments.

Like before the triple disc brake setup is effective at shedding speed and the addition of ABS mitigates the chance of either tire skidding if you grab too much lever. And with the Tuning Fork brand remedying each and every customer complaint, as well as improving comfort, safety and styling, Yamaha solidifies its dominance in the middleweight naked bike class. Jacket: Alpinestars T-Jaws Air. Gloves: Alpinestars Warden. Pants: Alpinestars Riffs Jeans. Boots: Alpinestars WP Gunner. Experience: A life-long motorcyclist, the only thing Adam loves more than being in the saddle is inspiring others to do the same.

By : Adam Waheed.

mt 09 dash settings

The Yamaha FZ is the first major improvement of the incredibly popular street bike. Commenting Guidelines. Naked streetfighter.When this happens, the tire's pressure will need to be adjusted and the system will need to be.

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Similar Games to Nine. Explore our models, features, photos, specs, build your own, and more on MazdaUSA. Yamaha refines the three-cylinder sport-tourer and debuts a fully-loaded, up-spec GT.

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