Soul sample pack reddit

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Sign up free. Choose a plan that best matches your needs to have an access to all samples. Browse and Download high quality sounds that will allow you to enrich your next music project. Slooply allows you to download single sounds as well as entire sample packs! Find, download, make music easier! Check what's new! Find the perfect sound for your next music project!

Cursed Vol 3. YC Audio. Rabbit Hole 2. Drip Wrld. Major Loops. Sonics Empire. Eclipse Loop Kit. Wooooo Bang. Godlike Loops. Passion Fruit. Flame Audio. Cartel Loops. Choppa Warz. Hayven Squad. Techno Sub Bass Loops. Abstract State. Nava Sounds. The Trillest. Light Dark. Trap Veterans. Rabbit Hole 1.

r-loops - RnB Lab (Free Sample pack)

Trap Files. BFractal Music. Arcade Hip Hop. Future Chill RnB. Seven Sounds. The Virus Sample Pack. Diamond Loopz. Trapsoul Chops.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Indian Flute has a magical sound that is reminiscent of the core Indian culture. A beautiful selection of Samurai-inspired sounds including Guzheng, Xylophones, Harps, string pluck, flutter-vibes and much more!

RNB Soul gives you an invaluable glance into the ever-changing world of RNB, providing you with the tools and inspiration you need to drive your music up a gear! This pack is busting open with beats that bridge the gab between trappy Soulection vibes and chart topping soulful masterpieces. Check it out and let the sounds speak for themselves. Origin Sound proudly presents 'The Drip', fusing the powerful sonics of trap with the characteristics of LoFi, to bring you an immaculate contemporary Hip Hop library.

Spanning over MB of content at an amazing price! This fresh pack from Digital Felicity contains 60 brand-new, premium Future Bass presets for Xfer Serum, one demo construction kit and 20 Bonus vocal one-shots! View All. View Latest.

View Deals. I love Prime Loops! They are by far the best website to find Sound Packs and inspiration for new songs! I'm a big fan of Prime Loops. I've used tons of Prime Loops samples and they are always guaranteed to be the highest quality, I don't ever have my doubts. As a producer and remixer, the resources available to me on Prime Loops make my job a lot easier!

So sick! Been using Prime Loops for ages now and they're my absolute go to for presets and samples. Make music? Welcome to Prime Loops. First gaining notable success and prominence around with breakout stars Fetty Wap and Bryson Til Sometimes a change is as good as a rest, and getting away from your desktop can give you a boost of inspiration and unleash your creativity.

Mobile music production has come a long way in a very sh Unfortunately for music producers, few of us have the luxury of having round the clock access to a first-class recording studio. Everyone has to start somewhere though and for most budding producer The best vocal samples can make or break a track, carefully toeing the line between a callback to a classic era of pop music with a catchy hook or just simply ruining a decent enough mix by distractinJavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Welcome to Prime Loops! Broken down into all of its remixable parts such as vocal harmonies, drum beats, basslines, synth melodies and much, much more! This pack also includes those all essential MIDI files. Aggressive, dirty, inspiring Includes dry stems and bonus Cocaine Snares!

These Electro samples are inspired by the sounds of Tokyo, spread over 15 construction kits it features loops and one shots, MIDI files, bass loops, Japanese phrases and more! This pack contains a selection of go-to sounds from the Julez Jadon vaults, allowing you to reach for the best drum sounds quickly and easily.

This pack contains five jaw-dropping RnB and Trapsoul style construction kits full of high grade samples to get your teeth into! This versatile selection of Snare drums contains Live snare, Snares and layer snares, perfect for any situation!! This pack contains a selection of hard Trap and Future RnB inspired presets for Sylenth, as well as 2 bonus construction kits to work with!

Drawing inspiration from classic, gritty, lo-fi hip hop this pack gives you loops, one-shots, Ableton Racks and MIDI, to help get that perfect beat! This pack contains a selection of rare grooves and soulful chord progressions played on a Fender Rhodes, plus original drum breaks, one shots and MIDI files! This pack contains a selection of Perfect Neo Soul vocal vibes, recorded and processed through analog gear and recorded at 95 and Bpm.

The second in this series of melodic samples features more Moog basses and shots, wurlitzers, strings, pads, drums and more! This pack contains a unique and precise selection of funky drum break samples, ready to liven up your tracks, or chop up and create something unique! This pack contains a selection of analog jazz drum recordings, containing jazz drums and percussion breaks and fills all recorded through analog gear, perfect to splice into your hip hop tracks for added swing!

This pack contains 50 soulful break beats to inject some swing into your tracks, all recorded through analog gear at 90 Bpm, to inject some funk into your tracks! The second pack in this series contains even more soulful break beats and drum fills designed to inject some swing into your tracks, all recorded through analog gear at 90 Bpm!

This pack contains 50 huge poly analog chords made from the Prophet 6 to inject some warm analog textures to your tracks! This pack contains a selection of Rare Groove Samples recorded to Analog Tape to offer you a good selection of live instrumentation to chop up and sample as you need! This pack contains a selection of 24 breaks recorded live and to reel to reel tape for classic vintage vibes and authentic tape saturation.

A beautifully immersive collection of experimental piano samples, delicate synths and manipulated solo keys loops and MIDI files.

(Actual) Soul Samples Pack Chopped with bpm FREE

This Future Bass pack contains vintage style chords, filtered openers, chopped vocal loops, plucks, drum loops, melody loops and more! Future Vibes pushes the Hip Hop sound to new and exciting avenues, whether that be musically or the overall sonic aesthetic. Conjuring up a plethora of exciting samples just itching to inspire your next beat.

This follow-up collection of drum samples features loops and one shots with live and recorded drums and foley percussion, all with a warm and saturated sound designed to add a layer of spice to your productions. This pack contains five radio-ready Construction Kits, featuring everything you need in order to produce the next street anthem including loops and MIDI files.

A collection of heavily processed, warm and fuzzy lo-fi guitar loops, noises, chords and one shots. A selection of Synth One Shots at C3, perfect to use in any sampler, featuring leads, bass, fx and more! A unique collection of vintage and chilled sounds, includes soft instrumental loops, dusty breakbeat drum loops and crispy one shots. A selection of contemporary future sounds characterised by bouncy and rubbery sonics, containing loops, one-shots and MIDI files.

Future Soul II continues on from its predecessor, toeing the line between electronic and organic sonics. Delivering MB of carefully crafted samples enabling you to create a detailed Future Soul Jam with all the tools provided.

The pack provides essential melodic chops for Trap, Lo-Fi, old school Hip Hop, and just about any sub-genre in the beat-making realm. Spanning over MB of content at an amazing price! Soul Voices is the debut Touch Loops vocal pack that makes finding the perfect soulful vocal loop easy. No more digging through corny content, excessive FX or cheesy lyrics.Are you still searching for those classic soul vibes to sample in your tracks?

But worried about getting sued for using a sample in your tracks? Lost Tapes Vol 3: Gold Soul Samples gives you incredible sounding soul samplesmade by us from scratch - so you can sample, chop and make beats with no copyright issues! Lost Tapes Vol 3: Golden Soul brings you another delicious collection of 70's soul, motown and rare groove samples, strictly for the sampleheads who are still searching for those deep classic sounds to sample from - without needing to clear samples and worry about getting your ass sued!

This collection offers you original, royalty-free compositions with a deep lush soul soundscape. Included are instrument recordings of vintage pianos, organs, rhodes, strings, synths, live bass, guitars and many more classic sounds. Each compositions is mixed into a stereo track and is ready to sample, with no worries or sample clearance issues.

Read the feedback from other producers A godsend for the sample based composer. We used rare vintage gear guitar, rhodes, bass etc alongside vintage tape simulation techniques to emulate real vintage records. These samples were created using extreme attention to detail specifically with the beatmaker and producer in mind. Instruments featured in these samples:. All the ingredients you need to make classic hip hop tracks. No drums, so no trouble mixing.

Just chop these samples, add your own drums, solo elements - you can really get creative with this sample pack. Read what other producers think about our sounds It took my production to another level. You want quality you gotta get quality tools.

Respect to team! No worries, send us an email and we will promptly swap them for something else on our site at no extra charge. Yes - No fuss, no waiting.Hey there! Thanks for dropping by The Soul Sampler! Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated.

See you around! Hip Hop Samples and their Soulful Predecessors While I just presented you all three playlists separately, in the order I enjoy most, these next posts maintain the order of the first two playlists but simply group the original soul song with its sample for easier comparison.

soul sample pack reddit

It is in fact a cover version of an original recording by the same name that was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal Davis in It was performed by various artists; most notably Dusty Springfield. The piece is deliberate in pace and uses a myriad of instruments. The sounds of a trumpet, flute and electric guitar take the lead while the soft resonance of drums and a violin enhance the background.

His vocal intensity rises and falls in unison with the music, and at one point the sonic sounds of an echoing Hayes are impressively matched by the shimmering sounds of the instruments. This makes for a unique sound that has remained relevant to this day. The results, in some ways are similar in both songs. Although Jay-z is rapping and not singing, his vocals are also complemented by the music, and together they produce a rebellious, underground sonic experience.

This smooth record is unique due to its distinct drum break that introduces the piece and plays throughout the song.

Green possessed a voice that was a perfect fit for soul music, and his popularity reflected this. He had a knack for recording some of the edgiest, sensual soul songs around, and this record was no exception. The edgy drum patterns that represented a new soul sound are combined with the traditional soul sounds of a horn section quite effectively, making for a daringly original sound. Not to be outdone by his own music, Green takes command of the song with emotional lyrics sung with passion and angst.

The sonic elements of his voice that made him so popular are quite present throughout this song. He intermittently varies his pitch, producing a wavering sound that brings his emotion to life.

soul sample pack reddit

Also, his effortless range is on full display as he reaches up to hit his notorious high notes on numerous occasions. Artist: The Notorious B. In addition to speeding up the drums, the production of this song adds another element to the rhythm with a computerized sound that is synchronized with the original drum break. This is a very energetic, upbeat recording that intertwines the use of horns and drums brilliantly.

The horns stand out from the very beginning of the song, blaring out in an exciting and distinct tune. They are intricately supported by an assortment of drums. These drums quicken the pace even more by rapidly producing a persuasive beat. The motivational spirit of the song title and its lyrics are a fitting match for the enthusiastic musical arrangement. This song is uniquely soulful in both its instrumentation and its lyrics, which speak to the African-American experience during those times.

The instruments are so compelling that you will find it hard to turn off despite its lengthy duration almost nine minutes! What makes this track interesting is the fact that it actually slows down the original musical piece. Bear with the annoying skit please! Even after being sped up, the track takes on a slow, mellow vibe.

With high, colorful melodies produced by the guitar, the song is compellingly original. Artist: Dr. Dre feat. Dre is known for having his own musicians replay music that he wants to sample for his beats. By having a musician replay the guitar notes that were created in the sampled song, Dre is able to further speed up the tempo and add his own nuances to the track. He also adds a forceful drum break.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Produce Music? Ever feel your beats were missing the swing and feel of a live drummer?! Well look no further, our latest collection of live drum samples are packed with character, style and authenticity. If synthwave is the style that you are gunning for, then this huge pack will surely satisfy your senses. Bound to Divide is back to give you all your FX dreams into this multi-genre and mind-blowing FX pack!

This pack is loaded with top-quality 70s influenced Psychedelic and Western styles with just the right touch of Jazz. Dusty, characterful and timeless. Reaching for the classics but with that modern twist, Late Night Grooves digs deep into the world of spring reverbs, analogue synths, rich guitar tones and classic breaks. Piano Noir digs deep into the emotive and beautiful world of the Rhodes piano and live upright. This melancholic sound bank hands over a colossal amount of hot and trendy, Dark Trap riffs, drums, keys, fx and more!

Stylish, expressive, and flavourful Three words that characterize the sounds in Volume 3 of the Westwood Sounds series on Black Octopus, this time brought to you by Maha Quest. Who needs Trap Samples? You can never have enough.

Featuring acid influenced grooves, deep and groovy bass loops, Detroit-ish tech chord and synth loops, big room beats and more! A detailed Lo-Fi Hip Hop pack that transcends various BPMs, from uplifting swung beats, through to smooth downtempo, whilst maintaining a melancholic mood throughout.

Sometimes less is more and this is exactly the case with this brand new pack from Bound to Divide. Just Organic Shakers is exactly that; shakers!

And a lot of them! Spectre — Leaders of Hardstyle is the most complete hardstyle pack you ever got your hands on, featuring screeches, clip-distorted kicks, euphoric melodies, rawstyle hardcore melody loops, killer effects and more! Laniakea Sounds are present their new pack 'Afterglow - Lofi Hip Hop Jams', coming with a collection of vintage and chilled sounds with brilliant loft hip hop aesthetics.

Woozy synth work, lazy drums, super swung hats and stacks of character. Starfall - Lofi Hip Hop, coming with collection of vintage and chilled sounds, includes soft organic loops, dusty breakbeat drum loops and crispy one-shots.

Are your productions sounding a little bland and predictable?! Well, look no further friend!

Download free samples and sample packs - Hip Hop, Trap and more

Introducing the latest synth beast from our analogue centric studios; Analogue Archival. Laniakea Sounds are proud to present a new mind-blowing sample pack - Tropical Reggaeton Drum Kit, a unique collection of sounds with a fusion of tropical pop and chilled reggaeton music with modern influences.

Origin Sound proudly presents 'The Drip', fusing the powerful sonics of trap with the characteristics of LoFi, to bring you an immaculate contemporary Hip Hop library. Pop Anthems Vol. Cr2 deliver a weighty sample pack offering you loops, one-shots, MIDI files and Serum presets perfect to bolster you Drum and Bass arsenal! Low Key Hip Hop delivers emotive musical elements, warm drum loops, and much more, this pack is every laid back producer's dream.

Grid Division the funk magician is an expert in making the dance floor go wild. Punchy, crisp, and full of soul, his sound design will add impressive and expressive elements to any dance production. From classic soft shakers to the rhythmically complex and inspired Cajon loops, each sample in this pack just oozes class!

A beautiful selection of Samurai-inspired sounds including Guzheng, Xylophones, Harps, string pluck, flutter-vibes and much more!Loopmasters is the definitive place to find the best sample libraries for your music. With the latest sounds from established producers, industry heavyweights and upcoming beatmakers, provided as royalty free samples and loops.

Every one of our sample packs is crammed with the best music samples, meticulously produced, prepared and formatted for smooth integration in your workflow.

soul sample pack reddit

Our royalty free music samples come from artists, producers and instrumentalists across the globe, ensuring you get the best loops played and recorded at the highest quality by seasoned professionals and top studio engineers. Browse our entire catalogue and discover more royalty free music loops - download samples you like using our intuitive software, which integrates seamlessly with the major daws.

Our royalty free music samples come organised and labeled so you can be sure of staying in key and getting the tempo right, and in the most popular formats, with rex loops, acidized wavs and apple loops to suit your preference.

Disco Nu Disco. DJ Tools. Free Samples. Hard Dance Hardcore. IDM Electro Glitch. Live Music. Music Courses. Pop Future Pop Indie Pop. Reggae Dancehall Dub Reggaeton. Sound Archives. Trance Psy Trance.


Trap Chill Trap. Product discontinued. Latest releases. ANNA V. Techno Intelligence by: Loopmasters.

soul sample pack reddit

Nootropic Neurofunk by: Singomakers. Soulwave by: Loopmasters. Phobos - Techno Samples Vol. Galaxia by: LP24 Audio. Deep Movement by: Abstract Sounds. Techno Atmosphere 2 by: House Of Loop. Ableton Mastering Bundle by: Singomakers. Elysians Paintings by: Engineering Samples. Anatolian Kaval by: EarthTone.

Mind Flux - Techno 01 by: Mind Flux. Bassline Axiom by: Singomakers. Leyenda - Psytrance by: Production Master. Thrilling Cinema by: Freaky Loops. Deep Classic House 01 by: Producer Loops. Chill Trap Future Beats by: Samplestar. Raw Kick 6 by: Industrial Strength. Deep Tech Inventions 4 by: Delectable Records.

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